Are You Still Struggling to Make Any Real Money With Your MLM Business?

Are You Still Struggling to Make Any Real Money With Your MLM Business?
Stop Chasing Friends and Family. There Must Be a Better Way!

My Top 10 Article Submission Websites Sites, with Reviews, Features, Support Information, Etc!

Top 10 Article Submission Sites

Ezine Articles

Description:  Using expert writers and authors can post their articles which are again going to be featured in the site. Site contains original documents. Any Email newsletter publishers can find articles of their choice for their upcoming newsletter.
EzineArticles started on November of 1999
Free /Paid: Free. If you want to upgrade EzineArticles Premium Membership then $58.08 USD monthly investment. ( )
Join: Initially 10 Articles can be submitted by a new member. If submitted article meet Quality Standards then member can qualify to earn Platinum Status (Allows Unlimited Article Submissions)
Total number of Members: 360,000+ Expert Authors Sharing Their Best Articles in (reference: )
Number of Article/day: New member: 10 article/day
·         High targeted traffic
·         Increased visibility
·         Boosts Your Personal and Business Credibility
·         Builds Brand Equity & the Brand Called You
·         7-10 Times More Effective than Regular Advertising
·         Receive Quality and Relevant Leads to Your Website
·         To Be Recognized as an Expert Author
·         You May Receive Free Ads in Targeted Ezines

Support: Contact
Reviews from other users:
“In short this review says that (EZA) has been the “king of the directories” for years and consistently produces better results than other directory sites.” - by Corena Golliver (Reference: )
“It is great that they are cracking down on low quality content. The end-user is who writers should write for – not search engines.” - Stephen Monday (Reference: )
“A great marketing tool.
I have used Ezine many times while selling my affiliate products and it's worked amazingly. I made quite a few sales for each article I wrote that directed costumers to the affiliate’s link. After writing several articles, I would post them all at the same time. Next I would wait a few days and check back. Whenever I went to see the amount of sales I would be amazed. I would recommend this product to anyone trying affiliate marketing.” - by amassaia (Reference: )
“Having problems getting published.
I have been with Ezines for about a month now and have had no luck getting anything published. I have four articles waiting for review and approval, one has been waiting over three weeks. I understand the thought behind this, it just seems an excessive amount of time to be approved. I will continue to work with this site but if this is the trend and not the exception I do not know how long I can do this.” by simtech52 (Reference: )

Reviews from other Tech Websites:

“Well, since someone mentioned they liked my reviews… A few weeks I bought resale rights to a report by the Rhodes Brothers called How to Quickly and Easily Get “.edu” Backlinks. I had some good feedback from my readers on it and the little bonus I threw in with the report. So I’ve kept my eye out for other things from the Rhodes Brothers that might interest my readership. (And me!) Here’s my take on their EzineArticles Domination reports along with the special bonus I’ve created especially for my readers… (That’s one of the little projects that’s kept me quiet over the last few days…)” (Reference: ) is an online article directory. Users submit articles in exchange for visibility and the option of adding hyperlinks to a website of their choice at the bottom of each article. The site is arguably the best-known article directory, and according to Alexa, has the highest volume of traffic of any online article directory. However, EzineArticles took a severe hit in traffic following the Google Panda update. Its traffic has continued to drop sharply ever since.” (Reference: )

Article City

Description:  If you want to add content to your website, then is the correct site. You can use articles from in to your newsletters. Here articles are of huge variety & subjects. Articles are categorized nicely, you just need to search them with perfect keyword.
Free /Paid: Free.
Join: You can submit the article at:
Number of Article/day: 10
·         Increased visibility
·         Various new ideas and solving techniques while reading articles
·         High targeted traffic
·         Unique articles

Support: Contact
Visit site:
Reviews from other users:
“ - Free Articles for Reprint. Free Articles for your web site and newsletters. Submit Your Articles to Our Articles Directory.” –review on: (Reference: )
“ is a good of articles. Here there are numerous articles about various issues and things. Each and every article is good with high quality. After going through certain articles here, I felt that they have been submitted by experienced professionals. There are various sections like Auto, business, computer work, food, drink, health, on. All you need is enough time to read those interesting articles. The best part of this site is, you can copy these articles and can put in your own website or news paper or in magazine for free of cost. Apart from that here you can get various new ideas and solving techniques while reading articles. I liked this site very much.Rating:8 “(Reference: )

Reviews from other Tech Websites:

“All Contents on is licensed under the following terms:”
Copyright © 2001-Present (Reference: )

Articles Base

Description:  High quality and original content are two features where ArticleBase mainly focus. They first ensure that articles should fall into the criteria before submitting them.
Free /Paid: Free.
Join: Join Article Base at:
Total number of Members: Over 300,000 authors
Number of Article/day: 5
·         Acquire new knowledge
·         Increase your credibility among readers
·         Reputation
·         Good exposure
·         You can also find articles in Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, and Portuguese.

Support: Contact Article Base:
Reviews from other users:
“Free articles provided by - your free articles directory. Find free online articles for your website, eZine or newsletters. Submit your Articles for free syndication and publication.” (Reference: )

Reviews from other Tech Websites:

Go Articles

Description: contains hundreds thousands of articles. They have millions of members. They provide good database of articles over internet.
Free /Paid: Free.
Join:  Registering as a New GoArticles Member
Total number of Members: Over a million members
Number of Article/day: Submit up to 10 new articles per day
Submitted articles are indexed within 24 hours.
·         100% exclusive articles
·         Article Title: Maximum 150 characters.
·         Article: A minimum of 400 words and a maximum of 2,500 words.
·         Author Bio: 400 characters
·         Posted articles are seen by hundreds of newsletter publishers and site owners looking for free content, providing much greater exposure than an article might normally receive.
·         Posted articles are downloaded daily by visitors to GoArticles, exposing your links, services and/or products to a targeted and interested audience.
·         Increased article exposure equates to increased traffic and link popularity with a consequent improvement in site ranking.

Support: Contact  
Reviews from other users:
“ is a search engine directory for articles written by the Web's top authors. Submit an article, browse the thousands listed or receive select articles via email. Free RSS and Javascript feeds available to all.” (Reference: )
“When you are looking at your options and you are looking to make sure that you really get somewhere by advertising your services and giving out the right information, you'll find that free article directories will start by showing you where to go and what to do, and that when you take a look at the Go Articles Article Submission Service, you'll soon discover that there are plenty of different options available to you when it comes to looking around.” (Reference: )
“Super Fast To Get Indexed
I submit all of my content to GoArticles because it is one of the top directories. There is a lot of competition on GoArticles but as long as you have good keywords in your article you will get many views. They usually take less than 48 hours to approve any of my articles which is a lot faster than Ezine. They are very strict, so they specifically do not accept any duplicate content or spam. One time the keyword density was 37% on one my SEO articles and it got denied because it was considered spam. Now I keep my keyword density very low because I don’t want to put my time and effort into an article just to have it get denied. It usually takes 48 hours to get indexed on Google after the article has been published which is the main reason why I submit everything to GoArticles.”(Reference: )
“One of my top article directory
I do lots of article submission every week and I am very picky while choosing an article directory for article submission. Reason one is that I want my article to get indexed quickly and to get some Link Juice from the article directory, and reason two is that I need traffic from the article directory. Apart from ezinearticles, GoArticles is one of my favorite article directory where I submit my articles as it matches all my criteria. For many people the cons of GOarticles is that they don't allow registration with free emails, however I do think it is a good measure to stop spamming.” (Reference: )

Reviews from other Tech Websites:

“Go Articles is one of the most popular article directory services online today. It is a service that allows people to submit and publish articles with them that are then available for the general online public to read or even use as long as proper credit is given to the author. Internet marketers use this service to publish articles that help promote their products and services and increase their traffic and sales.” (Reference: )

Idea Marketers

Description:  IdeaMarketers is being most visited; their directories are more content over the internet. For publicity of your business you can collect a recommendation with IdeaMarketers. Here articles are very informative, and placing your link in the articles can surely increase the number of visors to your site.
IdeaMarketers was founded in May 1990.
Free /Paid: Free.
The last 60-days worth of submissions are accessible for free. To get access to the full library of 1,000's articles, you'll need a subscription to Publisher's Toolbox PRO ($14.95/mo) or Publisher's Goldmine ($9.95/month). ( )
Join:  Registering at IdeaMarketers:
Total number of Members: 600,000 people
Number of Article/day: 3
·         Expert 360 Publicity Program
·         Increased visibility
·         High targeted traffic

Support: Contact IdeaMarketers: is a project
of C.E.S. Business Consultants,
514 Old Hickory Lane * Ringgold GA 30736 USA
Telephone: 706-866-2295 * Fax: 706-861-7936
ORDERS: 800-524-2307
Visit site:
Reviews from other users:
“ unites writers, webmasters & publishers. Find free web content. Writers may showcase their work for free and webmasters & editors find articles for their sites and publications.” (Reference: )
“IdeaMarketers has been an incredible tool for marketing my business. Within the first 60 days of using Idea Marketers to promote my articles, the visitors to my website increased from 700 to over 5000 visitors per month. I have also been published in hard copy magazines as a result of Idea Marketers, which has sent several paying coaching clients my way. This site is awesome!"
- Bea Fields, Vice President of Sales and Marketing” (Reference: )

Reviews from other Tech Websites:

IdeaMarketers Awards (Reference: )
“There is a website, created for the exchange of ideas and articles between business people and authors called Idea Marketers. At the Idea Marketers site, reports, articles and reprint rights are available. The majority of these articles are based on real life experience not just stories heard from college and is the best thing about them.” (Reference: )


Description: was founded in October 8 2004.Software engineers who are young and energetic created this. Isnare Online Technologies maintains and own the articles present in They offers a very affordable marketing service.
Free /Paid:
·         Free article submission to the Article Directory (up to 5 articles daily)
·         Article distribution to other Article Directories for a small fee per article ($2 per article or less if you purchase distribution credits as a “package”)
·         “Platinum” membership at $59.95 monthly, that allows you to submit up to 10 articles daily and waives the distribution fee

Join:  Registering at iSnare:
Number of Article/day: Platinum members are allowed to submit 10 articles per day while normal members are allowed 5 articles per day.
·         We are capable of submitting your articles to thousands of publishers who are subscribed members of the article announcement / distribution groups that we have in our private list, depending on your articles' topic or category. We will also submit your articles to,, and thousands of other quality article directory sites depending on your articles' category.
·         No need to subscribe to all article distribution groups or article sites and receive tons of email notices, we will use our own email address or account to do the submissions for you but under your name or pen name. Preventing you from getting large number of email messages from these groups and sites yet still your articles gets published under your own name or pen name and not ours. Also, we will never append any URLs or promotional lines in your articles when we do the distribution process. All your articles are submitted to the article sites with your resource or "About the Author" section as is.
·         We will include your article's URL at in the distributed version of your article so that publishers can use our "Article Publisher" tool for easy cut and paste. See sample of submitted article here...
·         Everyday we are trying very hard to grow our list of publishers and sites to submit to via our Publisher Service. Rest assured that we will do everything we can to maximize the reach of your free reprint articles and giving you more than what you expected.
·         If you are already submitting your articles, you can save hours of work! Imagine the stress and hassle you are going through by manually submitting your articles to even just 30 sites. We can submit your articles to more than just 30 or even 60 sites, depending on your articles' topic. Even more than 200 or 300!

Support: Contact iSnare:
Visit site:
Reviews from other users:
“I like the idea of dipping my toes in the water with a free article submission site. However, $2.00 per article for Distribution might be a good investment that I’d be willing to try with some of my articles. Thanks for the review.” (Reference: )
“I agree that $2 per article is worth it for an article distribution service. Who knows what could happen from one article or two articles on Isnare. I’d give it a try “(Reference: )
“Lets take a closer look at Isnare. For many people, getting started with the business that they love can start and end with getting good attention for it. When you are looking to advertise in your business, you'll often discover that you are looking at something that will often look very tough. When you think about all of the money that larger business sink into advertising, and when you realize that your own resources are going to be fairly limited, how can you make sure that your money is going to stretch to the degree that it needs to?” (Reference: )

Reviews from other Tech Websites:

“Creating niche blogs using Firepow and doing initial marketing by using SENuke is a great thing and definitely will work. However, do NOT expect to get number 1 google rankings immediately. This takes a lot of work and TONS  of good backlinks. You need to be BETTER than all other marketers you are competing with in your niche.  So the only answer is: Quality backlinks!”(Reference: )


Article Alley

Description:  Article Alley is again a directory of free articles which was established in 2004. Articles are here in Article Alley are being read by millions. If you want to promote your site then article marketing provide very effective and fast way. And also with best part it is free.
Free /Paid: Free
Join:  Registering at Article Alley:
Total number of Members: 200,000 active authors
·         1,000,000+ and more articles 97% of which are free to republish
·         A large and loyal author base - current we add around 4,000 pages per day
·         1,000's of partner sites using our content - meaning large scale syndication for your content
·         Its fun to be part of our network
·         If you wish to use article marketing for your business but have trouble writing, we also have our own Professional Article Writing Service, completed by our team of in-house writers
·         Content can be added using any of the 10,000's of RSS feeds that our site provides or by copying and pasting text from each page.
·         Finally - its free to register

Support: Contact Article Alley:
Visit site:
Reviews from other users:
 “I use Article Alley on a regular basis as a way of promoting websites. I find the site very user friendly and would recommend it to anyone.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up and you can submit an unlimited amount of articles for free.

With the amount of categories that exist on Article Alley you are able to make use of the site regardless of what topic your articles cover.

If you want exposure for your writing or if like me, you want to drive more traffic to a website then get yourself signed up to Article Alley and start making use of one of the best article directories around!”

(Reference: )
“Great article bank site full of free content for use on your website” (Reference: )
“I huge collection of the Internet articles at one place. Site is also affiliated with a network of other informational sites as A1 Articles, Article Heaven, Finance Alley, and others.” (Reference: )

Reviews from other Tech Websites:

Article Alley - Best Ten Article Submission Sites, Review List (Reference: )

Content Desk

Description:  Content Desk provides directory of free articles. Articles are categorized under many sections. Articles are very informative and educational.
Free /Paid: Free
Join/Submit:  Submit at Content Desk:
·         exclusive articles
·         exposure to your site
·         Services are free from content Desk

Support: Contact Content Desk:
Visit site:
Reviews from other users:
“ is No. 110452 website in the world. It was launched on 21-Jan-2005. is hosted in LANSING, MICHIGAN in UNITED STATES and its ISP is LIQUID WEB INC.'s primary IP Address is”(Reference: )

Reviews from other Tech Websites:

Article Biz

Description:  ArticleBiz provides content which is educational and informative. Warranty of accuracy of article is not there from ArticleBiz
Free /Paid: Free
Join/Submit:  Submit at Article Biz:
Total number of Members: 200,000 to 1,000,000 visitors/month
Number of Article/day: 5
·         Maximum article exposure
·         Reprintable article content.
·         High targeted traffic

Support: Contact Article Biz:   
Visit site:
Reviews from other users:
“'s number one traffic contributing country is India. About 65.1% of the total visitors of come from India.
the US is the second traffic contributor with 9.4% of the traffic, and Pakistan is the third traffic contributor with 5.7% of the total visits to
This leaves 19.8% of the traffic distributed among the rest of the world.” (Reference: )
“Article submission and article syndication service. Author guidelines are not published in the public area; it is not known whether they are clarified in the author submission area. PR5 site” (Reference: )

Reviews from other Tech Websites:

 “Free articles for reprint in websites and newsletter. Read topic articles in: arts & entertainment, autos, business, family, finance, pets etc” (Reference: )

Article Dashboard
Description:  Article Dashboard is a directory of free articles, where we can submit our articles and search for articles. Your articles can be published for free here, and also for your ezine or newsletter you can find content. It was established in August 2005.
Free /Paid: Free
Join/Submit:  Become An Article Dashboard Author:
Number of Article/day: 10 to 15
· is a free service for authors and publishers
·         Publish your article on and any of its article directory partners.
·         Publish your article in RSS format for other websites to syndicate.
·         Publish your article in our real time, daily, or weekly newsletters.
·         Maximum article exposure

Support: Contact Article Dashboard:    
Visit site:
Reviews from other users:
“I've tried most of the other paid article directory scripts and I haven't found one yet that didn't have a bug or two. One $147.00 article directory script for example didn't allow subdirectories LoL.. Despite this, I've had two Article Dashboard sites installed in subdirectories for quite some time now with no problems. And although I am one of the Article Dashboard forum Mods, I still think it's the best article directory script out there.” (Reference: )
“Lets find out the deal on Article Dashboard. What can you do when you want to make sure that people recognize you and your service for the good performance it can bring them and the betterment that it can bring to their lives? If you are in a situation where you want to move forward and get your services the attention that they need, you'll soon realize that there are plenty of different options in front of you.” (Reference: )
“It's been 5 days and all of my articles on Article Dashboard seem to still be "waiting for review" What gives? Am I wasting my time with the whole article module on sick? “ (Reference: )
“Hey,Ive been submitting articles to Article Dashboard, just wondered if anyone knew what their submission time was, seems to take articles ages to get reviewed...Im also using and ofcourse I was using SearchWarp until i realised that all their links were no follow....
What other article directories can people recommend? Thanks!” (Reference: )
“Hey Derek, thanks for the advice, I too use UAW and think its great. I like to also submit articles manually to the top article directories, I find it helps with SEO as sometimes those articles get high page ranks...I have been having trouble with Article Dashboard however...they seem to take forever to review my articles...!” (Reference: )

Reviews from other Tech Websites:

“Submit articles to the Article Dashboard directory, search and find free website and ezine content, and open an author submission management account” (Reference: )

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